How to send events?

The analytics API is built using REST. To submit an event you send a POST request to

POST /analytics/v3/events
Content-Type: application/json
x-api-id: <Your API ID>

  "type": "view",
  "view": {
    "type": "setCompose",
    "setCompose": {
      "id": "1b3de0bd-95c6-435a-8bb9-f4cae0160388"
  "context": [
      "type": "user",
      "user": {
        "id": "c57a43f7-eefc-462b-b5a8-0ef421e90f67"

Every event has to contain a type and a type-specific payload, as well as an optional context array.


The context is used to provide additional contextual information about the origin of a given event. You can find out more in the context section.

context[type = "user"]

The id sent in the user context within the context array must be consistent for all events concerning a single user. It should be anonymized, i.e. a generated id without any connection to personal data. You can read the section about user identification to learn more.


There are currently three types of events (view, interact, order), each with a specific payload as defined in the respective sections under events. The property containing the type specific payload is always named after the type itself.

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