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8.SET Custom

Create product sets from model shootings / mood photography. Simply put model photo and the visible SKUs together. Alternative products are delivered automatically.


Content for a given SKU or Main-SKU

<div data-8select-widget-id="8.SET-Custom" data-sku="insert-sku-of-currently-viewed-product"></div>
  • data-sku is a dynamic attribute
    • its value is the SKU or Main-SKU of the product variant the customer is viewing in the shop
    • the SKU or Main-SKU has to be the same value that is used in the product export
    • in case the viewed variant is changed, for example via a color drop-down the value has to be updated via _8select.updateWidgetSku()

Show specific set

<div data-8select-widget-id="8.SET-Custom" data-set-id="insert-id-of-your-set"></div>
  • data-set-id is a static or dynamic value
    • its value is the id of the custom set you created