Show alternative products for currently viewed product.


Show alternative products for a given SKU or Main-SKU

<div data-8select-widget-id="8.SIMILAR" data-touchpoint="product" data-sku="insert-sku-of-currently-viewed-product"></div>
  • data-touchpoint is a static attribute - find more about it under touchpoints

  • data-sku is a dynamic attribute

    • its value is the SKU or Main-SKU of the product variant the customer is viewing in the shop

    • the SKU or Main-SKU has to be the same value that is used in the product export

    • in case the viewed variant is changed, for example via a color drop-down the value has to be updated via _8select.updateWidgetSku()

Update SKU in case of non-size variant change

The played out content is specific to visual variants such as colour or pattern. When the visual variant changes the widget has to be updated!

The 8SELECT content is specific to visual variants such as colour or pattern. To retrieve the content of the currently selected visual variant, the current SKU must be passed to the widget when the visual variant is changed. For example if a customer is currently viewing the red variant of a shirt and changes to the blue variant, the 8.SDK has to be informed about the changed SKU to load content for the changed visual variant. This must not happen when changing the size, as the content is size-independent.

window._8select.updateWidgetSku('8.SIMILAR', 'your-new-sku-here')

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