Single Page Application

If your shop is powered by a SPA you have to make sure to "tell" the SDK about updated widget configurations.

Any widget that has some kind of dynamic configuration that will influence wich content is shown has to be replaced whenever the configuration changes. After that is done the SDK has to be informed about the change.

In the future the SDK will get smarter and recognise widget configurations automatically. For now it is necessary to go the extra mile and rerender the widget. ❀️

How to "tell" the SDK about updated widget configurations

When is this necessary?

Some examples for 8.SET

  • the product variant (other than size) is changed, for example if your customers can select the color or pattern as a variant of a product

  • the product completely changes, i.e. if the customer navigates to another product page

How to implement it?


window._8select.updateWidgetSku('8.SET', 'your-new-sku-here')
window._8select.updateWidgetSku('8.SIMILAR', 'your-new-sku-here')
window._8select.updateWidgetSku('8.SET-Custom', 'your-new-sku-here')


  • change the configuration for example for the SKU data-sku="${new-sku}"

  • required: also update a property that will make your SPA re-render the component

    • React: key={new-sku}

    • Vue.js: :key={new-sku}

  • after the component is rendered call _8select.initCSE()

Inside our widgets a user can click on a product and will be redirected to the corresponding product page in your shop. This is done by changing the browsers location, i.e. window.location.href.

We can configure most widgets to make use of your SPA router if you provide a way to access the functionality via JavaScript. For example we could call something like window.myFancyRouter.push("/path/to/product/user/wants/to/visit.html")

We have the full deeplink of the product available, i.e. can call your function with the path only or if necessary with the full URL.

It is a good idea to also put the function or a reference to it inside the SDK shop configuration object.

// 8.SDK Web configuration for Shop's Navigation API
<script type="text/javascript">
  window._eightselect_shop_plugin = window._eightselect_shop_plugin || {};
  window._eightselect_shop_plugin.navigateTo = ...

// 8.SDK Web
<script type="text/javascript">

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