To test the integration, the 8.SDK can be inserted into the shop via the (Chrome) Developer Tools. For this purpose, there is a demo tenant as well as demo product data and content.

Insert and execute the following snippets one by one to show the widget 8.SET Compose at the top of the current page.

Add 8.SDK Web in demo mode to your shop

// Load 8.SDK

(function(d, s, w) {
  var apiId = 'db54750f-80fc-4818-9455-30ca233225dc';
  window.eightlytics || function (w) {
      w.eightlytics = function () {
        window.eightlytics.queue = window.eightlytics.queue || [];
  var script = d.createElement(s);
  script.src   = '' + apiId + '/loader.js';
  var entry = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
  entry.parentNode.insertBefore(script, entry);
})(document, 'script', window);

Add a widget to your shop

You can add any widget via its id like described in the section WIDGETS.

// Add 8.SET Widget

Currently only the widget 8.SET-Compose supports the demo mode.

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