8.SET Photo (Beta)

Create product sets from model shooting data. Simply put model photo and the visible SKUs together. Alternatives are delivered automatically.
Example photo set
Alternative products are added automatically

8.SET Photo is currently in beta and will not be available by default. Please speak to your account manager to test it.


<div data-8select-widget-id="8.SET-photo" data-set-id="de5d6599-56f9-4b13-abfd-3e18ef75f95b"></div>
  • data-set-id is a static or dynamic value

    • its value is the id of the photo set

    • you can find the ids inside 8.CONTROL 2.0 (Photo Set Manager)

The 8SELECT integration team will adjust the widget styling 🎨 to your shop design. ❤️

Landing page with dynamic data-set-id

The common integration pattern is to use one landing page where the 8.SET Photo widget is added and onsite elements to link to that page. The data-set-id value is set dynamically via the URL parameter setId. Example URL https://demo.8select.io/shop-the-look?setId=a72f398f-9dc8-4712-8ba8-b33a63717b17

Shopping cart

For the shopping cart function, a JavaScript function must be made available as described in the SHOP INTEGRATION - Shopping Cart section.

Shopware example integration

An integration in Shopware can be done, for example, via the shopping worlds. For this, the widget element is simply inserted via a code element as described above. Here, too, the data-set-id can either be static or set dynamically with the help of the URL parameter setId.

</> Code Element
Widget-Element HTML
Make sure to use the layout "Zeilen / Rows"

You can use our Shopware Plugin for easy integration.