8.SET Photo

Create product sets from model shooting data. Simply put model photo and the visible SKUs together. Alternatives are delivered automatically.
Example photo set
Alternative products are added automatically


<div data-8select-widget-id="8.SET-photo" data-set-id="de5d6599-56f9-4b13-abfd-3e18ef75f95b"></div>
  • data-set-id is a static or dynamic value
    • its value is the id of the photo set
    • you can find the ids inside 8.CONTROL 2.0 (Photo Set Manager)
The 8SELECT integration team will adjust the widget styling 🎨 to your shop design. ❤️

Landing page with dynamic data-set-id

The common integration pattern is to use one landing page where the 8.SET Photo widget is added and onsite elements to link to that page. The data-set-id value is set dynamically via the URL parameter setId. Example URL

Shopping cart

For the shopping cart function, a JavaScript function must be made available as described in the SHOP INTEGRATION - Shopping Cart section.

Shopware example integration

An integration in Shopware can be done, for example, via the shopping worlds. For this, the widget element is simply inserted via a code element as described above. Here, too, the data-set-id can either be static or set dynamically with the help of the URL parameter setId.
</> Code Element
Widget-Element HTML
Make sure to use the layout "Zeilen / Rows"
You can use our Shopware Plugin for easy integration.