8.SET - CTA element

CTA to hint customers that there is a matching product set
8.SET Teaser Button below product image
8.SET Teaser Button below add to cart button


<div data-8select-widget-id="sys-button"></div>
The element must not be styled in any way. Initially the widget is invisible because it is just an empty div. The contents and styling will be injected via 8.SDK. The contents and styling will be adjusted by the 8SELECT integration team.
The 8.SET Teaser Button will only work in combination with 8.SET Compose! The button will be shown as soon as there is an 8.SET Compose Widget that also has 8SELECT content, e.g. a fashion outfit for the current product. If there is no content for the current product, the 8.SET Teaser Button will not be visible.
The 8SELECT integration team will adjust the widget styling 🎨 to your shop design. ❤️